Pathways to clinical impact

Disease to design

Personalised patient care by mapping disease distribution to device design and selection


3D visualisation and analysis of diseased arteries. Image fusion of intravascular ultrasound and X-Ray angiography

Heart valves

Design of bespoke replacement aortic heart valves for the treatment of aortic stenosis

About Us

Collaborative expertise in computational engineering and interventional cardiology
Improved patient care through design collaboration

Carena Healthcare was formed in 2016 as a result of a longstanding collaboration between Professors Neil Bressloff (University of Southampton) and Nick Curzen (University Hospital Southampton Trust). Over many years they have explored how computational engineering and design tools can be used (i) to simulate interventional cardiology procedures for coronary artery stenting and transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) and (ii) to optimise cardiac device design and/or procedures, all with the aim of improving outcomes for patients. Carena Healthcare is now perfectly poised to take interventional cardiology device design to a new level, supported by the collaborative expertise in computational engineering and interventional cardiology.

  • Computer modelling

    Patient-specific simulation

  • Device Design

    Heart valves & coronary stents

  • Device selection

    Heart valves & coronary stents

  • Clinical Practice

    Interventional cardiology

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